in camera galerie was opened in June 2008 by Hanane Hilmi and Jean Noël de Soye. Its ambition is to defend the photography of contemporary and twentieth century authors.

Around documentary photography, the gallery chooses to confront classic, urban, social or engaged aesthetics, and more current sensibilities, open to changes in the landscape, to the exploration of the territory and new margins. It represents black and white faithful, such as Jane Evelyn Atwood, Jerry Berndt or Stéphane Duroy, great colorists such as Bertien van Manen et Claudine Doury. These last years, the gallery is committed to represent artists with new and cross-disciplinary practices, Sissi Farassat, Andrea Torres Balaguer and Thomas Vandenberghe.

Most of the gallery’s artists are internationally recognized, their work has given rise to numerous editorial publications and their works are present in museums and major public and private collections.

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